Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hospital Corpsman Receives Silver Star

Camp Lejeune, N.C.-Sometimes you do what you know, and sometimes your training kicks in and you follow that and your instincts. When under attack in Afghanistan two years ago, the training and instincts of hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Joshua Simson kicked in, and he protected his patients and worked to defeat the enemy.
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Simson came under fire in July 27, 2007 in a village of Saret Kholet in Afghanistan. He was part of an embedded fire team that took fire, and he went in again and again to rescue different members wounded on the battle field. And at the times he was not directly providing medical attention, he was firing his weapon at the enemy.
Corpsman Simson is an example of the kinds of valor and bravery shown every day by our soldiers on the front lines. He doesn’t feel that he did anything special, just that which he was trained for and worked to do it well.

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