Tuesday, April 7, 2009


HM-8432 Preventive Medicine Technician - Assists Medical Department Officers in the performance of Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health Programs for Navy and Marine Corps forces ashore and afloat. Performs inspections and surveys of food and food service facilities, berthing spaces, barber and beauty shops, child care facilities, recreational facilities, swimming pools, potable water systems, solid waste and waste water disposal sites and systems, vehicles, and transport containers. Conducts bacteriological analysis of food, water, and ice samples. Conducts epidemiological investigations and reporting (Disease Alert Report), interviews and counsels sexually transmitted disease and other communicable disease patients and contacts, administers mass immunization programs and conducts nosocomial infection control programs. Applies statistical methods to human mortality, morbidity, and demographic studies. Conducts disease vector control programs. Is proficient in all aspects of field sanitation. Is proficient in medical and sanitary aspects of CBR defense. Under the supervision of occupational health professionals, assists in ensuring that work place environments are healthful, consistent with existing NAVOSH standards, through surveillance of the work place and medical surveillance of personnel exposed to work hazards. Instructs medical and nonmedical personnel in preventive medicine, industrial hygiene, environmental health and occupational health matters.
SRB - Zone A = 1.0, Zone B = 2.0, Zone C = 4.5

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