Monday, April 6, 2009

Uniform of Hospital Corpsman During WWII

This WWII Pharmacist Mate 2nd Class (Petty Officer) wears the first pattern "sage green" HBT three pocket tunic. Note the "USMC" Globe and Anchor on the pocket and Petty Officer 2nd Class stenciled on left sleeve (the is an original tunic and stencils). This pharmacist mate is also wearing the standard USMC camouflage trousers. Footwear is the "LPC" (Leather Personel Carrier) or Boondocker roughout boots. Note the leggings have been discarded as was common practice in amphibious units. Helmet cover is the '"second pattern" without foliage slits. The pharmacist mate carries a 1st pattern "Unit 1" bag or "Hospital Corps Pouch, small" and wears the standard issue pistol belt with two canteens. The location is in front of a burned out Japanese pillbox complex on an island in the Southwest Pacific. The exact location is classified.

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